My Practice


Hello, and congratulations on being interested in finding ways to be healthier and happier.

People come to me because they are in pain or distress, or because they are tired of feeling unwell. I treat adults with chronic conditions, helping them renew energy after long illnesses, or easing the hormonal transitions through puberty and beyond for both men and women.

Healing gastrointestinal (GI) imbalances is at the core of many of my protocols. The old naturopathic doctors (in the 40’s and 50’s) used to say that every disease starts in the gut. We used to laugh at the notion, but science today has proven that GI imbalances can result in inflammation in all other systems of the body, and can affect brain function and hormone function, as well as mood disorders and many other conditions.

During the last 30 years, I have helped countless patients deal with a wide variety of health issues. For example, I often help patients to overcome Type 2 diabetes, or lower their blood pressure, or improve their heart health so as to avoid stroke and heart disease. I also help many patients with weight loss and weight maintenance – we have dramatically effective programs specific to that purpose.

I see many people with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Because my father suffers from Parkinson’s, I have studied every aspect of the disease, and I work with patients to improve their quality of life and reduce medications wherever possible.

Another disease that often runs in the family is Osteoporosis. Every woman on the maternal side of my family (and there are many because my mother has five sisters…) has suffered from Osteoporosis. I refuse to allow a preventable and treatable disease ruin the best ”golden years” of my life and that of my patients. Today bone density can be maintained and increased with natural methods and I encourage all my patients to be aware of this.

Sleep disorders and stress are other examples of common conditions that I constantly address in my practice, and they often are closely related. We cannot be healthy unless we know how to rest. While I may not be able to do anything to reduce the causes of your stress, I can definitely help you improve the coping mechanisms that your body and mind naturally possess and that can make a big difference to your life.

You will notice here on my website that we have developed our own Detox and Rejuvenation Program. I have guided thousands of patients through this process and you can read some of their testimonials here. They illustrate how the program can change your life and give you the power to make better choices regarding food and lifestyle in general.

I have spent the last 30 years improving and deepening my knowledge of medicine and the human condition, and I am passionate about my work. I can draw from my studies and experience of conventional, Naturopathic, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine in order to arrive at a laser focus diagnosis of your condition and uncover the root causes. I will then treat your condition with methods that will support, rather than debilitate, your body, and that will enhance your body’s natural abilities to heal.

If you are ready to embrace this journey, please call or email me so we can set up a consultation, onsite or remotely, and you can fill out the forms that need to be completed before we start working together.