Phone consultations- Available now!


Over the years many of our patients have come from regions as diverse as South America, Alaska, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. Some patients have an initial consultation in person, often as part of a 1-3 day medical retreat and when they go back, continue care through e-mail and phone consultations. Other patients have only been cared through phone consultations. Whenever possible, we try to find caring practitioners in your area that can aid in continuation of care.

Who may choose a phone consultation:

How to set up a phone consultation:

Fees and Payments

  • First Phone Consultation: $345.00 for 60-90 minute consultation
  • Follow-Ups:
    • $125.00 for 30 minutes
    • $195-225.00 for 60 minutes follow up
  • Payment can be made by check, Visa or MasterCard. Fees are collected or need to arrive at our office 48 hours in advance of the consultation.

Cancellation Policy

As a Naturopathic doctor, I care to spend enough time with each patient and never double book. Please understand that in order to keep this unique schedule we need your cooperation.