What our patients say about us

quoteI am a physician and have known Dr.Bar-Shalom for 14 years as a patient, colleague and friend. I have the highest regard for her knowledge, wisdom and compassion. I would recommend her services to family, friends and patients without hesitation!” Leoni D., MD, Fairbanks, AK

quoteAfter searching everywhere for help with my depression, I finally found the Holistic Medical Center. I feel life within me again.” V. A. , Sacramento, CA

quoteI have had patients with chronic pain where I simply can’t do much more for them, and they’ve had great results with naturopathic approaches. It can be tremendously helpful.” Local MD, Santa Cruz, CA

quoteI had a medical turning point in my life when my MD, who believed in naturopathic medicine, referred me to Dr Ruth Bar-Shalom. My immune system was shot following rectal cancer. Dr Ruth did tests and determined what supplements were best for me. She was also able to cure me of not being able to smell or taste. She and naturopathic medicine taught me about my body and good health.” Joan. Yuma, AZ

quoteIt mattered to me that Dr Bar-Shalom was licensed and had a high level of experience. Then when we met, I felt quite reassured and comforted by who she is as a person. She said, This is going to be a journey for you and I knew this was someone I wanted to work with.” D.S.

quoteMy blood pressure is back to normal. Thank you! Thank you!” Sylvia L., Santa Cruz, CA

quoteUntil I saw Dr. Ruth Bar-Shalom for treatment of severe irritable bowel syndrome and other health issues, I had little quality of life. I had sought help for over 15 years from my family physician and more recently from a specialist (gastroenterologist) and was told that all looked normal; that I probably had an intoleranceto a food(s). I would have to live with the symptoms for the rest of my life. That response from western medicine prompted me to seek the help from a naturopathic doctor. After the first two weeks of treatment, I began noticing improvements. Now, after four months of treatment, I am enjoying quality of life once again! I am no longer experiencing excessive amounts of hair loss; have clarity of thinking; have energy and muscle’strength; regained my libido; have improved quality of sleep; am successfully managing depression; and more. Instead oftreating symptoms, Dr. Ruth has treated the causes of my illness. I am so indebted to Dr. Ruth forreturning quality of life to me. I regret that I did not seek her help much sooner.” Anita, Santa Cruz

quoteI have been an RN for 45 years and have also received training in nutrition. I can’t express how impressed I am with the services I received from Dr. Ruth Bar-Shalom. She is extremely intelligent, thorough, kind, and has a wonderful sense of humor, too! I really felt listened to and respected. She gave me hope and made me feel better physically. A wise woman, a real gem!” Nancy F, Santa Cruz, CA

quoteStarting a family became a top priority for my partner and me after an abdominal surgery. My surgeon had to remove one ovary. No problem, I thought, I still have another ovary. But the surgeon also discovered a very bad case of endometriosis. My aunt was unable to conceive due to endometriosis, so I became concerned about my fertility. After trying to conceive for nearly a year without success, I made appointments with both my traditional gynecologist and with Dr. Ruth. She began a series of treatments with me and within six weeks I was pregnant. I remember lying on the table, tears streaming down my face when I shared my news. I called my gynecologist to say our appointment to talk about fertility was no longer needed.
THANK YOU DR. RUTH! I am so grateful for your healing and your wisdom. It is amazing to me how things you said years ago come back to me when I need them.” Kelly, Ann Harbor, MI

quoteI was first drawn to a Naturopath when I was 23 and actively involved in bicycle touring and racing. I started suffering from frequent sinus infections, and when I became frustrated with my doctor’s constant prescribing of antibiotics, another cyclist recommended that I see Dr. Ruth. Dr. Ruth worked with me on my diet and prescribed herbal supplements to build up my immune system. I was pleased with the results and from that time on, I consulted with Dr. Ruth frequently to maximize my health and enhance my performance as an athlete. A few years later, I felt ready to compete in the Iditasport, a 200- mile race on the Iditarod trail each February. Racers choose their weaponbiking, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing. I chose the bike, but due to warmer-than-usual temperatures, the trail became soft, so I and the other cyclists ended up pushing our bikes for about 60 miles. Many competitors dropped out of the race, including men who were bigger and stronger than myself. I was able to continue, and finished the race in 3rd place (women). Iam not confident that I could have reached this outcome without the years of support Dr. Ruth had given me leading up to the race.” K.S., Fairbanks, Alaska

quoteSeveral years ago I suffered from tremendous pain in my foot as well as my upper back. Neither orthopedists nor chiropractors were able to help. Another time I suddenly developed allergy symptoms which again did not respond to conventional treatment. In both cases Dr.Bar-Shalom was able to relieve my problems with natural remedies.” L.D., MD, Fairbanks, AK

quoteI came to your clinic after my wife found some encouraging results with you. Your naturopathic approach helped me get onto my path to healing without drugs: my blood sugar was way out of balance, and now is balanced, for even, sustained energy levels. With the results of detailed analysis, I learned which foods are better and worse for my body’s chemistry. The carefully-selected vitamins and minerals help me assimilate the best energy of the foods that I eat. These days, I’m working some long days, biking 60-70 miles per week, plus doing yoga and mountain hikes; sleeping soundly, waking and working cheerfully, which had been elusive goals for a long time. I’m feeling excellent.” R.P., Tucson, AZ

quoteThank you Dr Ruth for your huge, tremendous, wonderful, invaluable gift of restoring my good feelings about my body and bringing my energy level and enthusiasm for life back to where it used to be. ” Sylvia L, Santa Cruz, CA

quoteThanks to Dr. Bar-Shalom I have finally learned how to eat what is best for me. I am no longer burdened by dramatic energy and mood fluctuations and now maintain a constant high-energy level. Dr. Bar-Shalom’s approach has been straight forward yet compassionate. I am grateful to her for helping me to be able to live life to its fullest.” K.M., King City, CA

quoteDear Dr Ruth: I want to personally thank you for what you have done for our daughter Toni. We have our beautiful vibrant girl back. She is full of laughter and joy. Our family can’t thank you enough for helping bring her back to life.” Anna, Santa Cruz, CA

quoteAfter 3 years of suffering from poor digestion and chronic pain in my lower colon, I have finally found relief and healing thanks to the expertise of Dr. Ruth Bar-Shalom. With specific changes to my diet, digestive aids, and healing herbs my digestion has normalized, my chronic pain has ceased, and I’ve been having the best sleep in 3 years. Thank you!” Daniela P., Santa Cruz, CA

quoteDr Ruth Bar Shalom at the Holistic Medical Center was referred to me by my fitness trainer after I learned that my blood pressure was consistently high. My medical doctor wanted to put me on blood pressure medication and I was scared and nervous. I trusted my trainer who said he, too, had high blood pressure and Dr Ruth had put him on a special herbal formula which brought his condition under control. I went to see Dr. Ruth and am incredibly grateful for her wisdom, knowledge, compassion and keenintuition. She changed my life! I did a cleanse with her supervision, I’now take herbs and vitamins, my diet has completely changed, and I am healthier than I have been in years. Thank you Dr. Ruth, I am so lucky to have found you!” Colette G, Santa Cruz, CA

quoteIt was clear to me after my first phone conversation with Dr. Bar-Shalom that her knowledge and expertise far surpassed any other doctor I had previously worked with.
After working with her for some time now, I continue to be deeply touched by her holistic approach. She is a healer, not only in her ability to share knowledge, but in her ability to share deep wisdom. Thank you, Dr Bar Shalom, for your support and guidance on my path to becoming a healthier, more radiant human being!”Tyra C, San Rafael,CA